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ANTAM Clarifies News Reports on the Pongkor Gold Mine Incident
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Bogor, December 28, 2016    - PT ANTAM (Persero) Tbk (ASX -ATM; IDX – ANTM; ANTAM) extends its regrets over the unfortunate incident occurred to two mining contractor workers who were building mine ventilation at the Pongkor gold mine on December 27, 2016. Due to the incident, one person passed away and one person is currently being hospitalized. The operational activity of the Pongkor gold mine and plant were not interrupted.

ANTAM’s Operations Director Agus Zamzam Jamaluddin said:
" As an entity which is in charge of the activity of mining contractors working at the Pongkor gold mine, we support the inquiry which will be conducted by the Chief of Mine Inspector of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry. During our operational activity, we always perform proper work procedure as well as occupational and health safety principles. "

Based on internal inquiry, two mining contractor workers were securing and cleaning work stage when one worker fell and the other worker was found unconscious. ANTAM’s Emergency Response Group (ERG) conducted evacuation of both workers in accordance to emergency procedure. Following the evacuation, one worker was pronounced deceased outside the mine tunnel whilst one worker is currently being hospitalized.

ANTAM has conducted Initial Report Incident procedure to the Chief of Mine Inspector and the Director of Technical and Environment of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry. The cause of the incident will be known after the inquiry completes.

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