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The challenges in building sustainability of mining business management, are manifested by the Company in the Corporate Social Responsibility Master Plan (CSR Master Plan) of ANTAM. These plans are focused on social development performance which is directly monitored by Directorate of General Affairs and CSR. There are two strategies in this master plan that divide all CSR activities like two sides of the same coin. On one side, the strategies are carried out to fulfill legal obligations toward stakeholders. This encourages the Company as an SOE to manage both positive and negative impacts of the business operations, in accordance with the Government regulation, SOE Minister Regulation No 05/MBU/2007. In addition, ANTAM CSR activities also refer to ISO 26000 principles. On the other side, the strategy of CSR activities is realized by enforcing stakeholder inclusivity principle and community development. The CSR activities are conducted to meet the stakeholders’ needs according to the Company’s ability, including respecting the community’s rights, identifying characteristic of community’s interaction, recognizing ‘work value’ in partnership and social investment to create added value for the society. All of these are summed up in the ANTAM CSR master plan to respond to the impacts of each stage of the Company’s activities, since the stage of exploration, construction and operations, to mine closure and post-mining.

ANTAM's social responsibility is realized through Partnership and Community Stewardship Program (PKBL), in accordance with SOE Minister Regulation No PER-05/MBU/2007 on SOE Partnership Program with Small Enterprises and Community Stewardship Program. There is also a community development (comdev) program, which is implemented in accordance with the direction of the Company’s policies.

Partnership Program is implemented based on local economy empowerment through distribution of revolving capital loan assistance for micro and small enterprises (MSEs). The fund distribution is accompanied with guidance, including assistance in business management and promotion. The distribution of Partnership Program funds is conducted directly or in collaboration with other parties. Realization of loans for foster partners in 2015 reached Rp71.97 billion.

The implementation of Community Stewardship and Comdev programs cover some key areas, including assistance in the provision of public facilities/infrastructure, education and training, health, worship facilities and religious activities, nature preservation, disaster relief, culture preservation, and other areas of social culture. Realization of community stewardship program funds is set in accordance with SOE Minister Regulation No. 05/ MBU/2007, which is 2% allowance of the Company’s profit.

Total realization community stewardship program funds was Rp1.54 billion in 2015. While realization of Comdev fund spending was Rp63.6 billion, which allocated by the Company in accordance with the Company’s program policy.

To get a more complete picture of our Social Performance, please see the section within our Sustainability Report.

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