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The realization of social responsibility in economic aspect is manifested by ANTAM by providing real contribution for the community and the government, and creating positive impact of economic development comprehensively. The form of contributions and economic development to the community is aimed to improve economic independency and social welfare, besides contributing to the government through tax, royalty and other non-tax state revenue (PNBP), according to applicable regulations.

ANTAM's participation in improving community welfare and fighting poverty is manifested in Partnership Program (PK). The program's activities are focused on the community's economy empowerment by giving venture capital and/or investment fund assistance. ANTAM provides maximum 2% of its net profit for this assistance. The assistance with revolving fund system is meant for sustainable business cycle with different partner to establish community's economic independence in accordance with State-owned Enterprises Ministerial Regulation (PERMEN) number 05/MBU/2007. On priority scale, the loans are allocated for micro, small and medium sized business, including the cooperatives within ANTAM's operational areas. The loans are not only extended to individual, but also to business groups in similar line of business. For 2013, ANTAM has allocated Rp20.3 billion for Partnership Program.

Besides financial assistance, ANTAM also develops its foster partners in a program known as capacity building. Through this fostering, ANTAM strives to improve the quality of its foster partners which are expected to be eventually independent from the company's assistance and are capable of being creative to achieve business independence. Since 2008 until June 2013, ANTAM's foster partners amounted to 4,924 partners. From January until June 2013, ANTAM spent Rp3.3 billion in partnership programs.

During the first six months of 2013, ANTAM's income attributable to the parent company decreased by 21.5% compared to the income of the same period in 2012 to Rp373.6 billion. The earnings per share of the period (EPS) recorded at Rp39.18 compared to three months of 2012 EPS of Rp49.97. The decrease was mainly due to higher cost of goods sold and operating expenses. Pursuant to ASX listing, ANTAM’s first half of 2013 results are being reviewed by PWC.

In 1H13, ANTAM's contribution to the state amounted to Rp1.13 trillion in which Rp388 billion came from tax contribution and Rp747 billion came from non tax contribution.

To get a more complete picture of our Economic Performance, please see the section within our Sustainability Report.

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