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CSR Activities

Contribution of 20,000 Plant Seeds to Pama Sylva Farming Group


On November 25, 2013, ANTAM participated in contributing 20,000 West Java native plant seeds to the Pama Sylva Farming Group. The event took place in Pasir Madang Village, Bogor. The 20,000 plant seeds came from ANTAM’s Gold Mining Business Unit Centre of Research and Education of Native Plants and Trees. The seeds were 15,000 velutina, 2,500 Elaeocarpus ganitrus, and 2,500 Alstonia scholaris. The seeds will be planted in an area of 20 hectares.

The community of Pasir Madang Village located in Sukajaya District, Bogor Regency is a farming and plantation based community. In 2012, ANTAM contributed 10,000 plant seeds to the community of Pasir Madang facilitated by Foreg III Sylva Indonesia.

The Pama Sylva Farming Group also plans the maintenance of the planted tress to ensure the initiatives to succeed. juga merencanakan pemeliharaan terhadap pohon yang telah ditanam agar dapat tumbuh dengan baik sehingga penghijauan di sekitar desa tersebut dapat tercapai.

The program is part of ANTAM’s support to the government’s One Billion Indonesia Trees (OBIT) program, as well as repairing critical lands, enriching local native plants, increasing carbon absorption and deep deep water. The program is also part of ANTAM’s environment-based CSR activities to the communities surrounding the mine.

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