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From Ordinary to Smart

From Ordinary to Smart

The issues of waste in the capital city, for some parties, have entered the alert phase. The current management of waste has not provided the expected results and still remains a serious problem. Up now, the “disposal” paradigm, especially applying the principles of “collect-take-dispose” through the open dumping method, is a common strategy of waste management used in Indonesia. The measures to eliminate waste become the favorite means due to its easier and cheaper operation. Therefore, the out-of-the-box measure is required as its alternative solution. One of them is community empowerment via the waste bank, as having been done by PT ANTAM Tbk of UBPP LM.

In performing its activities, PT ANTAM Tbk of UBPP Logam Mulia commits to not only prioritize profit, but also benefits that can be enjoyed by surrounding environment and society. Considering the company’s domicile in the capital city, the company attempts to contribute, mainly concerning daily issues of urban people. Up now, waste problems have become the primary source of unsolved issues. PT ANTAM Tbk of UBPP Logam Mulia tries to apply various innovation through community empowerment programs to develop the waste bank.

Principally, the work system of the waste bank adopts a saving system in the conventional bank with waste as the deposit. The Smart Waste Bank as an organizer accepts non-labelling clean inorganic waste from customers to be deposited and logged into customers’ book savings. Uniquely, the Smart Waste Bank has various savings offers to the customer. Customers, then, can exchange waste with cash or gold, umra, qurban, and so forth. The Smart Waste Bank Smart also has applied the digitization of book savings as commitment of transaction convenience, transparency, and reduction of paper waste. The presence of the Smart Waste Bank can reduce waste minimally in the Village of Jatinegara, motivates the community to be customers and improves their incomes.


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