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Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo

The brand concept of 'Three Mountains'. The logo is composed of three mountains, representing the mineral source of ANTAM's products. The logo represents diversified sources, diversified products.

The Mountains

The mountains rise from an arc, representing the mother earth, or nature


Under the arc is a reflection of the three mountains, representing the mineral resources inside or underneath the earth

Two Halves Mountains

The two halves of the logo can also symbolize the two types of mine: open pit, and underground

Corporate Logo
About Logo

This logo represents ANTAM, who know how to reach down into the earth, and bring up raw materials and process them into precious metals

Symmetrical Shape

The symmetrical shape of the logo, and the style of the logotype, especially the capital ‘T’ in the middle, conveys a sense of stability, strength, and solidity, even friendliness

The logo captures many of the brand attributes:
  • Pillars: Mining, diversified, established, big
  • Rational attributes: Professional , prudent , responsible, trustworthy 
  • Personality attributes: Progressive, dynamic, open

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