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ANTAM Aims the Positive Performance of Company Production and Sales Target in 2022

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ANTAM Aims the Positive Performance of Company Production and Sales Target in 2022

Jakarta, June 2, 2022 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) member of Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID) – the State-Owned Enterprise Holding of the Mining Industry, is pleased to announce the Company’s aim to maintain the positive performance through the solid production and sales target within 2022. The Company’s aims to elevate its operational competitiveness through the production and sales optimization efforts as well as taking strategic policies to meet an appropriate cost efficiency approach.

In relation to the ferronickel products, as much as around 24-25 thousand ton nickel within ferronickel (TNi) will be produced and sold by the Company during 2022. The ferronickel production and sales target set by the Company were also considering the optimum utilization rate of ANTAM ferronickel plant in Pomalaa as well as taking a priority on plant operational safety and stability.

On the nickel ore commodity, ANTAM targeted a total volume of nickel ore production of 12.10 million wet metric ton (wmt), 10% growth compared to nickel ore production volume in 2021 at 11.01 million wmt. Moreover, ANTAM aims to elevate its nickel ore sales target in 2022 amounting to 10.05 million wmt or rose to 31% from the nickel sales volume in 2021 of 7.64 million wmt inline positive outlook of the national nickel downstream industry.

On gold commodity, the Company's gold production in 2022 was targeted to 911 kg (29,289 troy oz) from Pongkor gold mine. Meanwhile, the Cibaliung gold mine which is managed under ANTAM subsidiary, PT Cibaliung Sumberdaya will be entering the post-mining stage in 2022. Moreover, in 2022, ANTAM aims to sold of 28,011 kg (900,574 troy oz) gold products in line with the Company’s strategy to broader its share in the domestic market. For silver commodity, in 2022 the volume target of silver metal production is 6,643 kg (213,577 troy oz) with silver sales volume target of 8,643 kg (277, 878 troy oz).  

On ANTAM bauxite commodity, the production target of bauxite in 2022 amounted to 1.80 million wmt or increased by 8% compared to bauxite production volume of 1.67 million wmt in 2021. ANTAM produces the bauxite ore as ore feed for Company’s chemical grade alumina plant as well as sells to the third party customer. The bauxite sales volume in 2022 was targeted at 1.44 million wmt, quite stable compared to the bauxite sales volume of 1.42 million wmt in 2021. Regarding to chemical grade alumina products which produced by ANTAM subsidiary, PT Indonesia Chemical Grade Alumina, in 2022, the production and sales volume of alumina products was targeting up to 126 thousand ton alumina respectively.