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Deepening International Cooperation Comprehensively, CNGR Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with ANTAM, an Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise

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Deepening International Cooperation Comprehensively, CNGR Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with ANTAM, an Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise

Jakarta, August 5th, 2022, CNGR Co., Ltd. and PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (hereinafter referred to as "ANTAM") signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Jakarta, Indonesia, on a joint construction and development of the Industrial Park project. This cooperation will adopt the newest technology of nickel production lines construction to commit to carbon reduction and green development.

Nico Kanter (President Director of ANTAM), Mr. Deng Weiming (Chairman and President of CNGR Co., Ltd.), Fu Peiwen (Vice President of CNGR International Headquarters), Dani Widjaja (Vice President of CNGR International Headquarter) and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement and based on the Company’s vision and mission, the two parties will use their advantages in technology and resources to improve the cost competitiveness of the project, develop and construct the Industrial Park, and use advanced OESBF (oxygen-enriched side-blown furnace) technology to process laterite nickel ore. The mining and smelting production lines are planned to achieve an annual capacity of total 80,000 tons of nickel in matte, which will produce battery-grade raw materials for new energy/electric vehicles. This project will maximize and facilitate the promotion and application of green energy in order to reduce carbon emissions.

CNGR is a global leader in ternary precursors, and its products have entered the world's top 500 high-end supply chains. CNGR advantages in R&D, manufacturing, engineering construction and ANTAM's advantages in mining, resource integration and operation form complementary advantages. The cooperation between the two parties will open up a win-win development in the future.

Deng Weiming, chairman and president of CNGR Co., Ltd., said that ANTAM is an Indonesian state-owned enterprise with a long history, with vertical integration and export-oriented diversified mining and metals as its main business, and has always been committed to providing high-quality products, in order to pass best industry practice and competitive operational performance to maximize value, with a focus on sustainability, occupational safety and environmental protection in their business. This cooperation between the two parties is based on the common mission and vision of both parties. CNGR's corporate vision of "committed to the development of new energy and building a better life for mankind" coincides with the mission and vision of ANTAM. The achievement of the cooperation between the two parties is a comprehensive deepening of CNGR’s vision. The vivid practice of the "Globalization of Layout" strategy will provide new practical references for the green and sustainable development of nickel resources, regional economic and social development, and will also promote economic and social exchanges between China and Indonesia.

Nico Kanter, ANTAM’s President Director, said “Regarding nickel downstream project, ANTAM is currently focusing on developing the EV Battery Ecosystem business. We really appreciate CNGR's intention to cooperate in the development of downstream Nickel production facilities. We understand that CNGR is a potential strategic partner for ANTAM because it has advanced technology experience in nickel processing and has a good corporate business performance.”

In addition, the two sides also agreed that they will take this cooperation as an opportunity to further expand the areas of cooperation, increase the depth of cooperation between the two parties, provide competitive and systematic solutions for the development of the global new energy industry, and make continuous contributions to the global green and low-carbon development.




About CNGR

CNGR is a leading global precursor manufacturer with cathode precursor materials and new energy recycling materials as core business. CNGR’s key products are widely used in various 3C domains, energy power fields, and energy storage fields. The key products have successfully entered the high-end supply chain of the world’s top 500 enterprises with Tesla, Samsung, CATL LG, and Panasonic as key clients. CNGR has always been focusing on R&D innovation to reduce carbon and develop green energy. The Company is recognized as National Enterprise Technology Center and National High-tech Enterprise, and was awarded "National Intelligent Manufacturing" and "Green Manufacturing Factory".


ANTAM is a leading natural resources based diversified and vertically integrated company with nickel ore, ferronickel, gold, silver, bauxite, alumina, precious metal processing and refinery services as its main products and services with more than 53 years of mining experience. ANTAM is part of Indonesia Industrial Mining Holding (MIND ID) and owns vast high quality nickel and bauxite reserves. ANTAM’s Precious Metal Processing and Refinery Services is Indonesia’s only precious metal processing and refinery unit with London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accreditation.


For further information, please contact:

Khairani Zahra
Government Relations - CNGR International Headquarter

Syarif Faisal Alkadrie
Corporate Secretary - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk
Tel: (6221) 7891234