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ANTAM Conducts Sanitation Management in Jatinegara Kaum to Support Environmental Health

ANTAM Conducts Sanitation Management in Jatinegara Kaum to Support Environmental Health

Jakarta, March 31, 2023 - PT ANTAM Tbk ("ANTAM") through the Precious Metals Processing and Refinery Business Unit is collaborating with the East Jakarta Government in implementing the “Kampung Bestari” (Dare to Be Healthy, Sanitation Clean) program in Jatinegara Kaum Village, Pulogadung District, Jakarta. This ongoing program has started from September 2022 to February 2023.

The General Manager of ANTAM’s Precious Metals Processing and Refinery Business Unit, Purwanto, explained the background of the Kampung Bestari program is because good sanitation management is an important to support environmental hygiene and population health, especially in Jatinegara Kaum. 

"This is also in line with the implementation of the sixth point of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely the availability of clean water and proper sanitation, especially access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all," explained Purwanto.

The implementation of the Community Based Total Sanitation program includes the construction of a communal septic tank. This facility aims to change people's behavior not to carry out activities that can pollute the surrounding watersheds.

The target beneficiaries of this program are low-income households. As many as more than 324 heads of households in February 2023, it was recorded that no more activities could pollute the surrounding rivers.

Purwanto added that this effort would not be successful if ANTAM only carried out. Still, it needed support and cooperation from all parties, such as the local government as well as awareness and participation from all residents.

"As for other supporting efforts that can be promoted together, such as washing hands with soap in running water, better management of household drinking water and food, management of household waste and household liquid waste that does not pollute the environment," he concluded.



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