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ESG Activities

Building Community Economic Independence


PT ANTAM Tbk (ANTAM) Kolaka Nickel Mining Business Unit carries out community empowerment programs covering all business segment such as fisheries, livestock, plantations, industry and the service sector. This program illustrates the character of ANTAM who always wants to grow and develop with the community in carrying out its business activities. The Company is committed to providing added value to the community as one of the stakeholders that has a major impact on the Company's business journey.

ANTAM also continues to develop and empower the potential of the community in order to encourage the creation of economic growth around the Company's work areas, so as to be able to produce sustainable business activities in line with the achievement targets set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This commitment is demonstrated through the implementation of the Partnership Program which is realized for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) every year.

The story of SME actors who have become foster partners in the Partnership Program for the ANTAM Kolaka Nickel Mining Business Unit, the story describe how the Company is committed to realizing sustainable community economic independence through a revolving fund distribution scheme, to capacity building activities provided to foster partners in managing a good business.

For example, the story of Kaharuddin, who initially gave up because he could not manage his vaname shrimp pond. However, after becoming a foster partner of ANTAM's Partnership Program, Kaharuddin now a successful vaname shrimp farmer in his village.

Besides that, Rahmawati's story initially only sold ice-cendol as a side business to help meet the needs of her household, because her husband's income as a public transportation driver in Tanggatada sub-district was not enough to pay for their children's education. Rahmawati began to enjoy good fortune after she became a foster partner of ANTAM's Partnership Program. In 2010, by relying on revolving loan assistance from ANTAM's CSR funds, he started a retail business of groceries package and mixed ingredients.

Apart from several success stories of other MSME actors, such as the story about Nuriani who is now successful with the business "Craft Tali Kur Meohai", the story about Jempolo who earned the nickname as the best mobile entrepreneur in Pomalaa sub-district, or the story about the success of Zainab Karbelawati in managing a variety of knitted creations "ZEE CROCHET", as well as the success story of Engkus in running three types of business thanks to funds from the ANTAM Partnership Program.

There is also an interesting story from Aras, a man who is barren of rupiah due to his perseverance in operate the cattle farming business in Watubangga sub-district. And, the story of Muhammad Aliansi who was successful with his Mekongga local woven fabric business and the story of Sitti Nasira, the owner of Tamara Tailor, Andi Subhan who was successful in his printing business and Hj. Maryam is famous for her milkfish processing business.


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