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As a company that manages upstream to downstream activities, ANTAM uses Energy to process and refine minerals. The Company recognizes this aspect because Energy is one of the Goals in the SDGs. Energy is also one of the six indicators considered in the PROPER assessment of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK). Based on this, ANTAM is committed to using energy efficiently. The Company Conserves Energy while administering an optimal production process.

ANTAM is committed to using energy efficiently. The Company conserves energy by performing various production processes and attempts to run an optimal production process. Those innovations were completed with a fuel substitution initiative, modifications in underground mining operations, etc. Also, energy usage monitoring is conducted as Our concern to the energy aspect.

ANTAM’s energy efficiency policy guides ANTAM Employee to comply with government regulations related to energy efficiency, reduce the achievement of specific energy consumption intensity from the previous year, increase the achievement of energy efficiency ratios of earlier achievements, apply appropriate and environmentally friendly technology to reduce energy consumption; as well as implementing a continuous monitoring and evaluation system.
Currently, in line with the Government of Indonesia’s carbon reduction commitment, ANTAM, and the Mining Industry Holding MIND ID are developing a decarbonization roadmap, one of which will seek new renewable or alternative energy sources that are more environmentally friendly than before.

For further information of ANTAM's energy efficiency policy and strategy may catch under following link.

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