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Social Responsibility

In carrying out the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, ANTAM is always committed in providing sustainable benefits to support regional independence. Therefore, it is important for ANTAM to always collaborate with the Government and stakeholders so that the Company’s community development programs align with the regional development agenda to realize sustainable development.

Furthermore, We have also prepared a Post-Mining Plan (RPT) which consists of a community development program that can provide social and economic benefits to the communities surrounding the Company. This is Our effort to prepare the community to be sustainable even though ANTAM does not operate in the area.

ANTAM realizes that the improvement of the community around the operational area is a manifestation of the Company’s development and success. For that, We always prioritize good mining practices, social justice and environmental justice in accordance with applicable laws and norms.

For further information of Social Responsibility Performance, please see the section within ANTAM Sustainability Report.

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